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Group Activities

Are you looking to engage in a new activity or push yourself out of your comfort zone? Whatever your interests, here at My Coast Support, we have created a wide range of group programs to get you engaging with like-minded peers. By engaging in group activities, we are assisting you in being set up for success in life.

Discover our range of Group Activities

MCS Building
  • Learn the basics of building
  • Make and take home small projects, building on foundational skills
  • Restore furniture or be a part of one of our team projects
MCS Kids
  • After school programs
  • Holiday programs
  • Improve their fine and gross motor skills
  • Build social skills
  • Fun and safe physical activities, explore and build confidence
  • Build upon emotional skills
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MCS Cooking
  • Learn to cook for yourself and others
  • Try new foods
  • Building cooking skills, reading recipes and cooking nutritious meals.
  • Learning to shop for ingredients and planning for weekly meals and serving sizes
MCS Helping Hands
  • Work in a team environment
  • Mowing, gardening, car washing or pressure cleaning
  • Help other people in the community
  • BUild work skills for potential future employment
MCS Social
  • Meet new people, make friends and have a great time.
  • Monthly Outings – e.g museum, aquarium, reptile park
  • Evening Groups – Football nights, social dinner outings, movie nights
MCS Creative
  • MCS Creative is an opportunity to express yourself in your own way
  • Music, art, creative writing
  • Make your own bath bombs or candles, print your own clothes and stickers
  • Teach others something you are good at
MCS lifestyle
  • Develop an eating plan or experiment with some healthy snacks
  • Prepare a healthy lunch
  • Relax with a meditation or tai chi class
  • Get active on a treadmill or exercise bike
  • Gain some strength in our gym
  • Participate in fun games and group exercises
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Why should I sign up for Group Activities?

These groups are designed to challenge each of our participants to push themselves out of their comfort zone and develop a range of skills that will set them up for long-term success.

Whether you are looking to feel empowered by learning a new skill such as making your own candles or clothes or if your focus is learning how to shop for ingredients and build your fundamental cooking skills, we want our participants to feel encouraged to take control of their choices.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there a range of group activities to choose from?
Yes! We have a wide range of groups that includes developing skills in cooking, helping hands, social, creative and lifestyle.
Are there groups that can help support me with a healthy and active lifestyle?
There certainly is! We have a lifestyle group that explores the skills needed to get active on a treadmill, gain strength in the gym and develop a healthy eating plan to put in place.
Are there group activities more suited to kids?
Yes, we do have kids' group activities available that can range from after-school to holiday programs. In these groups, we work on improving their fine and gross motor skills, emotional resilience and building social skills that will help them explore and build confidence.

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