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What is NDIS Support Coordination?

When it comes to your NDIS plan, there are three levels of support coordination available. Depending on what your goals and aspirations are, you may be eligible to receive funding for Support Connection, Support Coordination or Specialised Support.

Key Focuses

What are the levels of support coordination available?

Support Connection enables you to achieve your goals whilst getting the most of your plan by connecting you with funded, informal and community support.

Support Coordination involves a support coordinator assisting you with living a more independent life as a part of your community by working with you to build your skills via a range of support methods.

Specialised Support will assist you with more challenging and complex situations, providing access to consistent and reliable support.

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How does a Support Coordinator help?

The keyword here is support. Your NDIS support coordinator is there to assist you with service providers, negotiate and understand what is in your plan and ensure that your service agreements and bookings are completed allowing you to plan ahead for upcoming plan reviews.

Your NDIS support coordinator will provide ongoing support and assistance with understanding and implementing funded support as part of your plan. Instead of taking full control of everything, they will help and encourage you to take control of your choices, coordinate your support and involve you in the local community. You are in control of your choices – your support coordinator helps you put them into action.

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