MCS Wave

MCS Groups

Groups are the My Coast Support way of getting you set up for success in life. Whatever your interests, we've got tailor made group programs to get you engaging with like-minded peers. Building, health and wellness, cooking - we have everything you need here at My Coast Support.
MCS Building
  • Learn the basics of building
  • Make and take home small projects, building on foundational skills
MCS Kids
  • After school programs
  • Holiday programs
  • Improve their fine and gross motor skills
  • Build social skills.
  • Fun and safe physical activities, explore and build confidence
  • Build upon emotional skills
MCS Cooking
  • Learn to cook for yourself and others
  • Try new foods
  • Building cooking skills, reading recipes, and cooking nutritious meals.
  • Learning to shop for ingredients and planning for weekly meals and serving sizes
MCS Helping Hands
  • Work in a team environment
  • Mowing, gardening, car washing, pressure cleaning
  • Help other people in the community
MCS Social
  • Meet new people, make friends and have a great time.
MCS Creative
  • MCS Creative is an opportunity to express yourself in your own way
  • Music, art, creative writing
  • Make your own bath bombs or candles, print your own clothes and stickers
  • Teach others something you are good at
MCS lifestyle
  • Work towards your best life with a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Develop an eating plan or experiment with some healthy snacks
  • Relax with a meditation or tai chi class
  • Get active on a treadmill or exercise bike
  • Gain some strength in our gym

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