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What is NDIS Support Coordination?

When it comes to your NDIS plan, you have three levels of support coordination, including support connection, support coordination and specialist support coordination. Depending on what your goals and aspirations are, you may be eligible to receive funding for the following types of NDIS support.
Support Connection

Support Connection

Enables you to achieve your goals while getting the most out of your plan by connecting you with funded, informal and community support.
Support Coordination

Support Coordination

A support coordinator will assist you with living a more independent life as part of your community by helping you build your skills via a mix of support methods.
Specialist Support Coordination

Specialised Support

Our specialised support will assist you with more challenging and complex situations, providing you access to consistent and reliable support.

Support Coordination

How Does a Support Coordinator Help?

Your NDIS support coordinator will provide ongoing support and assistance with understanding and implementing funded support as part of your plan. Besides this, they will also actively work to help connect you to mainstream and government services and your local community.
Negotiating and understanding what to include in your plan can be challenging. This is another area your support coordinator will be able to help. They will assist you with service providers, helping you understand how much they will cost from your plan.
Your support coordinator will also ensure that your service agreements and bookings are properly completed and help you plan ahead for upcoming plan reviews. Instead of taking full control of everything, they will help and encourage you to take control of your choices, coordinate your support and involve you in the local community.
The keyword here is support. You are in control of your choices - your support coordinator helps you put them into action.

Do I Need a Specialist Support Coordinator?

This largely depends on your individual disability and the challenges you face.
A Specialist Support Coordinator and a Support Coordinator are both very similar. However, there are several key differences that separate the two.
If you have complex or additional needs, a specialist support coordinator will be funded. They will be an experienced and qualified practitioner, such as a social worker, psychologist or occupational therapist.
The level of support you will receive from specialist support coordinators is designed to reduce any barriers you may face with health, justice, education and your NDIS plan.

How to Choose an NDIS Support Coordinator

As is true before signing any agreement in life, you shouldn't be afraid to ask important questions. These will help you decide whether the NDIS Support Coordinator is a good fit for your needs.
As an example, a few questions you may like to ask include:
How much do they cost and how are you charged?
What is included in the service agreement?
What experience do they have with support delivery?
How can they help you reach your goals?
What is their termination process?
Are they familiar with your disability?
As any support coordinator knows, you are the one with primary control and choice. Instead of telling you what you need, they will listen to you, offer their suggestions and then work with you to achieve them. A feeling of not being heard is one of the main reasons people change providers.

Can I Change NDIS Support Coordinator Providers?

Absolutely you can.
Regardless of what you may hear or read, you have complete control over your plan and who your NDIS support coordinator provider is. It is important you check your service agreements before terminating it as many providers implement a notice clause.
If you're not happy with your current provider, My Coast Support can assist you with making the switch. We understand that money should not impact service delivery, and ultimately, you should be in control and satisfied with every aspect of your life, the services and support you receive, and the provider who assists you.
Feeling like you’re not being listed to? Talk with us today to discover the difference that transparent and honest NDIS funding and assistance makes.

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